Movement’s Five Core Values


We believe the Bible is the unique revelation of God and that it is through the Bible that we encounter God, hear His voice, find direction, and grow in our knowledge and love for Him. We put a high priority on the teaching of the Scriptures in all our services.


We believe that we were created to worship and we seek to worship God intimately, passionately, and with all that we are and in every sphere of life.


We believe that it’s not good for people to be alone, and for Christians to try to follow Jesus on their own. Being made in the image of the triune God we are designed for relationships and thrive when we are in healthy Christ-centered community. We believe that people are more important than programs, and we emphasize intentional community, doing life together, and being meaningfully connected with others.


We seek to live on mission for Jesus, bringing his love, truth, mercy, and healing to a broken world. We seek to be a gospel-centered, Christ –centered, Spirit filled community sharing with the world the good news of Jesus Christ and living it out in our daily lives.


We believe that prayer is as essential to the Christian life as breathing. We believe that prayer moves the heart of God and brings his power, presence, and blessing to our lives and our service for Him. We believe that the key to seeing a powerful movement of God in our day is prayer, and so we desire to be a people of prayer.